Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lunch Box Dilemma

For us school begins in 11 days.
Therefore there are a lot of emotions
and activities rolling through our house...
Excitement, fear, stress,organizing,
shopping for supplies
(choosing that one special notebook
can be stressful),
shopping for clothes
(that are within dress code)
Of course, there is the lack of activities -
my kids think it will help to be lazy now -
storing up their energy!

the most stressful shopping choice
is the treasured

Do we brown bag it?

Do we show off our favorite cartoon character?

Do we go with our favorite color?

What will look cool!

What will my friends have?

Oh the decisions!
(Buying lunch at school is not an option!
Too expensive, too much grease,
too long of a line to finally get food
and not enough time to eat
and digest the grease.)

After finding the greatest box ever!

The one that will make all my friends jealous,

the one that will accentuate my cuteness!
within the first month.

It will be lay forgotten on the playground

never to be seen again,

tears will flow over the

perfect box.

and we will rely on the ole' brown bag!
Special stickers will dress this ole' bag up
and tears will be dried up!

Why do I buy into the marketing of
the lunch box?

Happy school shopping to y'all!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Sara got a Lightening McQueen (cars) LB -- funny!!! I have no doubt that Ally will be toting a Diego one next year!

Alyson said...

Lunchboxes are pretty important!! How funny!

I would love to send you my address, but I can't find your email! Will you email me so I can have it? My email is

Have fun shopping!

Dee said...

Hi Jodi Sue, do you have a photo of you and Jorja? We watched the DVD that Michele from the Suixi group sent us what seems oh so long ago. Evelyn started asking about Chun Yu. So, I pulled up the blog to show her, I have done this before, even when we where in China to show her that Jorja was with you. I think it just sank in- so we are trying to explain that there is a Mama and Baba with Jorja. E mail it over if you can or post it to the blog so we can reassure Ev that everyone is okay.


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