Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zacapa Guatemala

I figure no news is good news!
We don't plan to hear from the kids until their return, unless
something horrible happens -
so I am good with not hearing from them!
(I guess that's the Navy wife in me :)

Today the team will be doing construction...
-trench digging
-electrical conduit installation

Wow! and Brady though mowing our yard was tough.
Maybe after this training he'll be willing to do some
handyman jobs for me around the house. :)

They also get to be part of the
Ground Breaking Ceremony and Dedication
of the newest house to be built on grounds.
This house will be the home
for the next House Parents
and about 15 orphans.

They also will be putting on a
small drama play later in the week,
so the will be rehearsing today.
Kenzie will love this!

Praying they are having a wonderful time!
Praying they are making new friendships!
Praying they are making new memories!
and most of all
Praying they are seeing God's hand
in all they do this week!

On the home front...
Jorja is really confused as to where
Brady, Kenzie and Uncle "Bebe" went.
We really did try to explain it to her using a map and all -
I think it is just nerves. She did sleep well last night,
so hopefully she is feeling more comfortable
and realizing that I won't snatch her up at night
and take her to the airport and
send her off too.
What kinda mom would do that to her teenage kids?
Jailyn is good to go.
During calendar time we added a photo of a heart on the
day they all come back -
Jailyn is focused on counting down the days until
they return.
Conner - though he wont admit it...
misses his big sib's incredibly!
Lots of body language
and emotional outburst.
It gives he and mom extra cuddle time too!
And how can that ever be a bad thing?

Thank you again for all your prayers for the kids and the team!

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