Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Changing lives forever

When these two little girls entered our lives
and hearts
we knew our lives were changed forever.
We would have two more kids to care for,
to feed, to cloth, to teach,
to hug!
We Knew that we will be celebrating Brady's
High School graduation the same week
that we will be celebrating Jailyn's
Kindergarten graduation.

what we didn't know was
what a change these girls would make in those
hearts around us.
These girls have opened the world to many friends
and strangers.

We have had many pre-teens and
teens tell us that
it will be through adoption that they
want to become parents.
We have been told from elementary students
they want to adopt a child with cleft lip!

These two little girls have made our
safe community open their
eyes and hearts to the rest of the world!

And what would of happened if
these girls never came home.
What if we had told God,
"Sorry, we don't have enough money."
"We don't have an extra bedroom." or
"We just don't want to upset our other kids."

Oh how sad my life would be!

We would lack Jailyn's silly laugh,
and Jorja's huge smile!
We would never have been the recipients of
Jailyn's unconditional love.
We would never feel Jorja's gentle touch.

We would never had felt God's love through
these two precious girls!
We are so blessed to have been called to
care for the orphans.
Thankfully my two little girls are
no longer orphans,
but part of a big family who love them

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Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Nothing like a good little cry to start off the day! Good words and SO TRUE! Some of our very good friends leave today for Ethiopia to bring home a new little boy (well, he is 3) - their family is a lot like yours... 3 bio (boy, girl, boy) and 1 China girl (CL/CP) and now an Africa boy... They may go back to China someday!

Like you said, I can't imagine our lives w/o all 4 of our girls!


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