Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Only 4 more weeks!

I can't believe in about 4 weeks I will be putting my babies on a plane to Guatemala!
The only time they have ever flown was with either myself or Dad.
The only times I have left them, besides going to China has been dropping them off at church camp!
I still get teary eyed on the first day of school.
Now I am sending them off to Guatemala!
What am I thinking????

I am thinking...
this is an incredible opportunity for them.
this is will change their outlook on life.
this will better understand themselves and others.
this will help them better understand God's love for them and for others.
this will help them be more compassionate to others.
I am sure that God will be working in all of us while they serve in Guatemala.
and I know there are incredible lessons that God has not revealed to us yet.

Please remember to pray for our family while we prepare for this trip.
Please pray as Brady and Kenzie are in Guatemala,
that God will use them to encourage the missionaries and children they will
be serving.

As we are still needing financial assistance, please feel free to email me
separately, if you would like to help.


Missionaries Sam and Michelle with their "kids"
"I will not leave you as orphans." John 14:18


Shonni said...

Oh, they are going to have such a wonderful time, though I understand the mommy heart about letting your babies go with you!

Alyson said...

I'm so proud of them for going on this trip--it will definitely change their lives!!! Going on mission trips really did change mine! Will you email me your address? I want to send them a check, but your chip-in on line says it has ended! justinandalyson@gmail.com

Tena said...

Yeah for you for letting them go so far away! It will be an awesome experience for them!
Thanks for the email today checking on us. It's really bad.

Jay said...

...and they will develop their muscles as they carry all of Uncle JB's luggage! We are gonna have a great time.


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