Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 months

Can't believe that it has been 5 months since Jorja has been home!
Some days feels like we have known her forever and other days it feels like
just yesterday that she came home.

Jorja has accepted all of us and is trusting all of us really well.
She is very attached to Mommy! And is always excited to run errands with Mom!
She loves to be on the go - which is a must in this family!
Jorja loves...
the pool,
Barney and Elmo,
stuffed animals,
playing hide and seek,
her Crocs,
her flip-flops,
playing dress-up,
asking "why",
hugs and kisses!!
The simple things of Life!

We are all excited to enjoy the relaxation of the summer together!

Here's a photo from 5 months ago...

And today...


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

She is so beautiful! I'm so glad she loves her family! What a smile!!!

bugs parents said...

Wow! Time sure does fly! Jorja looks just beautiful! The difference in her face is amazing. The love just shines through her! She looks so happy! Guess all your hot weather down there really agrees with her!

NancyW said...

Love those then and now photos! How much healthier Jorja looks, not to mention happier.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

We just did our post adoption HS - hard to believe in many ways! Jorja is just precious - and so happy. Praying for all these kids (and families) as they continue to adjust.

Nicole said...

5 months ALREADY!!! AH! Where has the time gone!

Dee said...

Amazing I know! Right now as I type Evelyn is discovering the air conditioner vents in the floor! And saying "cold cold!" I know sometimes you forget what they have not expereinced.!

All our love!

connie said...

I see the sparkle in her eyes! Amazing!


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