Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chipped Tooth

As we brushed Jailyn's tooth the other night - we notice that one of her front teeth had a huge chip in it. "When did that happen?" Who knows - Jailyn didn't! :)
We went to our dentist yesterday - and found out that her two front teeth have cavaties in the back of each tooth. This is probably the cause of the chip - weaking of the tooth.
Next Wednesday, Jailyn will have to have oral sedation as the dentist fills the cavaties and fixes the chip.
Please remember her in your prayers. Not sure how she will take to the oral sedation.

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Amy said...

Sarah is 6 years old, but I treat her like she is 4.5. She still wets her pants at times, and is slowly catching up. She should start first grade in the fall but I said more year of kindergarten. Why rush it? She needs the time to feel safe.


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