Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catching on!

Jorja is so smart! She cracked me up last night!
As sleep time has been the most horrible time of the day - and exhausts and stresses all of us - it has been sooo hard to be consistent with bed time. But praying for help and praying Jorja will understand with her heart and head that we will be here for her in the morning (or in the middle of the night if she needs us!) - last night, though I'm not sure if she still trusts that we will always be here for her - she has caught on to the night time game! :)
Because jorja has had such horrible nights - (whether we lay down with her, hold her on the couch, or put her in her bed) we have had to take Jailyn out of the room and let her sleep with us. Jorja's temper tantrums and screaming scares Jailyn and hurts her ears!
Kenzie and I came home last night to Bryan putting the girls to bed - Jailyn had been having a tough later afternoon - I think she is sleep deprived, her sleep schedule has been really messed up since we came home from China. (Not to mention being overly tired from the fun Super Bowl party we went too.) Anyway, Kenzie and I both told Jorja - "No crying and you will get to come to Mommy's bed." She nodded her head, and stopped any whining! Jailyn was whining and crying.
Kenzie and I left their room - Jailyn whining, and Jorja as quiet as ever! Kenzie and I were amazed! A few minutes later, Jailyn still not stopping crying I went to get Jorja and bring her to my bed. I walked in her room - gestured for her to come to me - and she jumped out of that bed faster then ever! She jumped in my arms, and was silent as we walked to my room - we walked in my room and she gave out the silliest laugh I've heard from her. It was so funny! She was so excited to be put in my bed. I tucked her in and she was asleep in minutes. Oh, so sweet!
Don't worry - Jailyn fell asleep with a bit more cuddling! Hopefully, they will both sleep in a bit today! And then the rest of the day will be much better!

Wishing a non-whining day for y'all too!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Yep - I feel your pain. We have our biggest challenges at bed time!

NancyW said...

Hopefully, Jailyn got some sleep last night. It is so hard on everyone if there is sleep deprivation whining going on (by either parents or children!) You've got one smart cookie there in Jorja! She'll figure it all out soon.

Valerie said...

Girl, I'm just checking in and didn't know you were struggling with the sleep issue so much.

Perhaps a visit from Uncle Jack (Daniels) ;0

We've all been sick a round here, repeatedly. I miss you.

Hang in there, you are amazing.

Love V

Amy said...

That is so sweet that Jorja kept so quiet and was so happy to get in bed with you!! That must've just made your day!! We are having sleep issues here with Presley. She likes to wake up in the middle of the night and scream (sometimes even real high pitched screams)!! Luckily she doesn't wake up the other kids, just us!!


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