Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"No Fai"

Jorja is really picking up on English! She has amazed us with her speech and her ability to understand what is being said.
Some funnies:
"Bye! Bye! See ya later! " this she shouts at people as we walk through the grocery store.
jelly = Brady
poopa = poop
kailley = potty
dru = drink
boo = book, bow,
pay = play
cool = school
no fai = no fair
wit = wait
wa ya sa... pweeze = what do you say? Please
pennies = panties
pent = pants
wo la Jorja? Momma = Who loves Jorja? Momma! (our little song)
couwer = color
NO! = NO!
soh = shoe
ock = sock
hsss = hiss
Hey! = hey!

Conner, Kenzie and I can pretty much understand her -
Dad and Brady have a bit more trouble! We laugh at them!


bugs parents said...

I love the new picture on the blog! So great to see the entire family.

Sounds like Jorja's speech is coming along nicely. It's such fun to see their little minds tyring to figure everything out.

The Vest Nest said...

Love the new picture!! So excited for Jorja too! Maybe we will be well enough to visit soon! (crossing my fingers anyways)

Jay said...

Lovin' the new photo! What a great jersey CJ is wearing!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

YOu are now motivating me to change our blog photo -- love the new one of all 7 of you! look at all those kids! Where did they all come from????

NancyW said...

Love the family photo of ALL of you! Jorja is really coming along well with her speech. It is great to have all those sibs to help.

Tena said...

Love the update! What great language skills she's acquiring so quickly!
Great new pic, too!


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