Friday, January 2, 2009

What a day! So glad it is over!!

We knew it would be a tough day but it was something we all had to do! We left the hotel at 6:30am off to Suixi and Jorja's orphanange - 5 hours away. Our guide, David, continually told Jorja what we were going to do - see her friends give them gifts, eat lunch and come home. Though Jorja seemed to understand she was still very nervous! It's a long drive for anyone let alone someone who has only ridden in a car for 1 week out of her almost 5 years of life, and to go back to where there was no mama or baba to hold her. Very scary.
When we arrived at the orphanage, the driver was surprised how small it was. The town is one of only 150,000 people. Jojra was ready to get out of the car when we got there. She did really well with the first few people she saw. "Hi!" she would say proudly. There was one young lady there,(about 16 yrs old) she was mute, she was beautiful - Jorja went right to her and they played. So sweet! There was another young man there (probably the same age), he was not as friendly, looked us over, looked Jojra over - very concerned that she didn't have enough clothes on (besides the fact that she was wet from sweating in the car :). He was very protective!
We were able to go to Jorja's room. There are 16 kids in her room. The room is very small, probably the size of Jailyn and Jojra's room at home. The kids were happy to see Jorja and Jorja was happy to share the candy's and such that she brought for them. This was so hard for me - seeing her crib, seeing her friends, and having to leave them there. Chun Xiao, Jorja's best friend, was the first kiddo to meet Jorja. The reunion was interesting to watch. They didn't hug or anything but you could tell Chun Xiao was her closest friend. Chun Xiao's mama and baba are coming for her next week! Dee, I got as many photos as possible! She is adorable! But was excited about the goodies - hard to get good photo of! There were two cleft babies in the room - one had the biggest smile! I just wanted to sneak her out with me and take her home to Dr. Fearon! She was beautiful!!
We then went to lunch with Director Han (very nice man), the Deputy Director and her 6 year old daughter, some other man (not sure what his job was) and David and our driver. The lunch was very good - they were kind in ordering things that we would like, beef, chicken, fried rice... They were even nice enough to get Bryan a fork and knife! :) We hadn't seen Jorja use chop sticks yet - she is very good, she is very well adjusted to a fork and spoon too.
We asked Director Han about Jorja's finding place. She was found at a bus station. The station was an hour away, actually in the town that Director Han is originally from. He suggested us not go, as that would add another 2 hours to our trip back home and it would not be safe for the driver. Plus, the roads are not good. Being the sweet man that he is - he took our email address and promised that when he goes home (I'm assuming for Chinese New Year) that he will take a picture and email it too us. That is sooo nice of him!
After lunch we headed back home. This began another emotional trip. Jorja was getting worse at not letting me hold her hand or having anything to do with her. This of course is breaking my heart. I just want to tell her - ya' know that blanket that you love - I made it!, you know those clothes you have one - I packed them, you know those snacks that you like? I packed them all!!! She acts like Daddy has done it all. UGH! Of course, I didn't say those things but I wanted too. :)
When we got back to the hotel she began with an attitude that even Bryan was about done with. I decided that we were going to have a meeting of the minds! She wanted to go to the bathroom, but didn't want to do it herself and refused to ask for help - just screamed at us. We told her she can ask for help if she wants us - we left her there having a temper tantrum. (the door open of course) I would go back and check on her every minute or so - about 10 minutes of screaming I went into the bathroom and sat by her to see if she would ask for help. To make a long story short - after about 2 hours in the bathroom, Jorja understood that Mommma is not the enemy, Momma does lover her, but Momma is not going to take this attitude anymore. When she calmed down she asked for help to go to the bathroom, help to put lotion on (her skin is sooo dry and itchy), I fed her noodles in the bathroom and we played! We decided that chowing with her mouth wide open is not lady like and she needs to chew like a lady, we also had fun doing laundry in the bathtub! Nothing like bonding over a pile of laundry! We then went out to the room, where Baba was and filled him in on what Momma expects from Jorja. Hopefully she will remember all of this in the morning. :)
The best part of my dad, Jojra's bed mattress is between Bryan and my twin beds - Bryan feel asleep first, Jorja looked up at me - smiled a sweet smile! I put my hand down to her and she fell asleep holding my hand! I didn't want the moment to end! That was a great way to end the day!

Today we have 8 new families join us for a day of sightseeing, this may help us be able to hide in the crowd and continue to work with Jorja. Also, Mommma and Jorja are going to go out and buy some shoes without Baba today. Hopefully this will go well! Course Baba may go broke! :)

Sorry for the long post - it was a big day!
Kids, we are half way home! Hang in there - We love you!!! Keep up the IM'ing! <3
Here are some photos:


Amy said...

What a draining day you had! I so wish that I could've seen Presley's orphanage, even though she was in foster care. I hear it is a life-changing experience! I'm glad you "got through" to Jorja on what a momma expects from her! I hope it continues to go well. I love all the pictures, especially the last one. She is just beautiful!!

Candie said...

The picture of the room full of cribs broke me. God bless all of the families who continue to adopt these children and raise them in loving homes. Jorja and Jailyn are soooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky. Much love to ya'll Jodi. Can't wait till you're home.

Jill said...

Could have done without the rooster head, but great post! LOL! I can TOTALLY relate about the whole daddy thing. It sucked. Try having your MIL there saying "Oh, she's such a daddy's girl!". I thought I would hurl! I was like you..I did the paperwork, I packed the bags and snacks... I TOTALLY GET YOU!
Hang in there. It will get better, but I know you already know that. I am proud of you! Sounds like things are going better. Hope they continue to.
God Bless, Jill

Heather said...

Keep going woman, you're doing fine!
Heather BT

Red Hot Angel Wings said...

I know it breaks your heart that she hasn't bonded with you the way you had hoped. I will guarantee once you are home, she will be a momma's girl just like Jailyn. Just keep being the wonderful mom you are and she will bond in no time. Hugs and prayers are with you all.
Love you,

Valerie said...

Girl, I know you intellectully understand her pull towards Bryan, but hang in there. The only males have been respected authority figures and nannies are the rotating caregivers. She doesn't know you are forever. We had the same issue with the boy from Russian; men are revered and I was there to serve him, until Gary went to work. Then he got it. I'm praying for you. She is a doll. What is your flight information?

Love Valerie


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