Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finally got to talk to the kids!

We had bought an international calling card when we arrived in Guangzhou. It had not worked from the hotel. Today our friend Rebecca helped us by letting us (me) use her cell phone to call home. It was sooo good to hear the kids voices! I miss you guys sooo much! Jorja was able to speak to the kids also - we then showed her their photos again. Not too sure how much she understands, but hopefully she wont be too surprised when we get home.
I still feel horrible that I am worrying Jorja when I cry. She gets very concerned and clings to Bryan. I hate it but sometimes I have no control over my tears - they just come. Off and on today, Jorja hasn't been feeling well - tummy ache, she has wanted me to comfort her. I was very surprised! Pleasantly surprised! I am hoping this is a turning point for the two of us. I'm glad that she has bonded with Bryan, but being so homesick makes everything more difficult!
This evening Jorja and I were looking at photos of her friends at the orphanage. We are headed there all day tomorrow. It is a 5 hour drive each way. We are praying that she will be okay saying bye to her friends one more time. We will also have a different guide tomorrow, David, as Rebecca will be busy welcoming 8 families at the airport. Hopefully, it will help us all to have some other people to chat with.
Here are a few photos of our day...
We visited the memorial park of China's 1st President. It was a beautiful park! And our first beautiful, sunny day!
Then we went to pick up a few more things at Carrefore (a French owned Walmart). Jorja likes sitting in a shopping cart as much as Jailyn does... not at all!


Dee said...

Please, I hope you can see Chun Xiao and tell her we are on our way. If you have time we would love a full report. We actually, will be coming into Guangzhou on the 9th. Because, that is the only time we could get flights. So will will pass you in the air port! We are SO glad to see that things are going so well.

Denise E said...

Jodi -- Glad to hear things are going well. I am sure the kids at home are anxiously awaiting your return. I pray you have a safe trip home (when is that by the way?). Thanks for linking me to your blog. May God bless you and your family! Happy New Year sweetie!!

NancyW said...

Not to worry about the daddy's girl! I was chopped liver after the first 2 days and Sarah only wanted daddy - now she is a mama & daddy's girl!

Tell Suixi, Yi Hua (pronounced ee who- ah) is doing great! Thank them for caring so well for her.

connie said...

So glad you got to talk to the kids. Your tears are understandable! But you will be home soon, with all your beautiful kiddos. We love following your journey and watching Jorja blossom. Praying your trip to the SWI is a good one. Please tell Rebecca hello from the Johnsons ... and we'll see her in 2009!
Love and hugs~

Valerie said...

I hate to think of you sad and crying even a little. You will be home and together before you know it. Jorja will be crazy for you very soon (just like everyone else lucky enough to know you).

I hope you are spenind the night in a hotel...what a trip for you, be safe.

Love Valerie

Amy said...

Jodi I'm just back from our family trip. The first thing I did was check your blog. She is so beautiful!!! How blessed can one person get? I'm glad she is starting to accept you. You will be home soon! What fun your family will be!!!

Kenlin said...

Hey Jodi! Kenzie and Conner are here today along with Tiffany and Payton and the Busser cousins. We're having a party! I think we'll go to Ghenghis Grill for lunch. So you know they're having a good time today. Jailyn met us at the door and explained to me that you were in China getting Jorja. I can tell that she is doing fine. I've loved following your blog - it always brings tears to my eyes. You can just see what a sweet girl Jorja is by her pictures. I can't wait to meet her. Only one more week to go - hang in there! I'm thinking of you and sending you big hugs.

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

O Jodi....I have chills looking at your smiling faces together FINALLY!!!

What a precious girl!! I have loads of reading to catch up on here I see.:D

Congratulations to you all!

Hugs from all 3 P's and me!!


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