Monday, December 29, 2008

What we know about Jorja so far...

Jorja loves our "Lilly" doll. It plays music and sings a counting song (in English). Jorja will be playing with something else and all of a sudden look around for "Lilly" and push her tummy to make her sing. Constantly! She should know how to count to 10 in a few days!

Jorja loves shoes!! Don't you just love it! She also loves bracelets, but I think we have shoe shopper on our hands! After only having her in our arms for barely 4 hours she said, "Baba's shoes." (Baba = Daddy) No, she didn't seem amazed at how big they were - she was making sure Baba put them away where they belong! I love this girl!! :)

She loves to eat! When we were first introduced, Jorja did really well. Then our guide told me to pick her up - well, Jorja wasn't too sure of that - we walked over to some couches, which scared her - but then I pulled out the Cheerios. Dried those tears up immediately! :) She did get bored with those quickly - but loved the lollipop! Dee, take note - bring lollipops!

Jorja does collect her different toys. We went to the playroom in the hotel and some other girls were collecting all the toys around putting them in their own pile. Jorja was noticeably upset when they started coming our way. Baba stepped up and saved Jorja's blocks! Jorja seemed very happy with that!

Jorja's got skill!
Look kids - she found the one soccer ball in all the playroom! Is she perfect for us or what?

Jorja loves peeling and sorting stickers! Her fine motor skills are very good! She loves to sort her art work - we will have to teach to look outside the box! :) We have been using English and sign language together, and picture cards (that are kinda funny because I drew them -so that's always good for a laugh!) When she wanted the stickers I signed and spoke "open" to open the package - she verbally repeated me. We were amazed! She has not spoken much yet. When she gets excited she talks, like when we have shown her photos of her friends from the orphanage. She gets so excited!! I think she is amazed that we know who they are. And she is learning our kids names! She is doing great with this! We are still calling her Chun Yu, her Chinese name. I did slip once and call her Jorja, she looked at me when I said it - so hopefully the transition wont be too hard for her. One day at a time!

This is my favorite photo so far!! What a sweet face!! Bedtime was the only somewhat rough time, and she was a trooper! After a bath (which went well) and powdering and measuring (26.5 lbs, 36 1/2 inches long) we put her pj's on. She was good with that. She got a bit more concerned when Mama put on her pj's. We played a bit and she had her evening warm milk and rice cereal and cuddled on the bed. Jorja looked to the door with sad, puppy dog eyes but was brave and came to Mama for a hug and comfort! Can't ask for more then that! She fell asleep on my bed and later transitioned on to her bed. She has slept all night.
Thank you for all of your prayers! We are all doing well, Jodi still has a cold, but it hasn't gotten too bad yet.
Kiddos - we miss you!!! Keep emailing us - gets me through the day!!! 10 more sleeps and we will all be home!!! Be good for Mimi, Papa Paul and Uncle JB! 143


Sara said...

Hello...we just left the White Swan 5 days ago!! Love all the pictures...we adopted a 6yr.old boy :-) What a wonderful family you have! Congratulations on receiving Jorja...she's a doll!! What an exciting time!! Enjoy every second of it.

Maria said...

Congratulations from the Mother of another Suixi girl (2 years home now)! Jorja is a cutie!

Dee said...

Hooray hooray! it does work! Suckers, yes indeed, that was Jason's plan all along, bribe her with yummies! Thank you though. We will know tomorrow exactly when we leave, the Agency e mailed today to say they were calling China tonight for all the plans. So, we will know soon! I cannot think that we will leave here any later than Jan.1 or 2. Hopefully, we will see you all very soon!

Ang said...

I'm so excited for ya'll. Jorja is adorable. I can't wait to meet her at the next Jump-N-Land get together.

Tena said...

Yeah for a good transition so far! Sending love to you all!

sue said...

Oh Jodi and Bryan I am so happy for your family. I am glad that Jorja seems to be accepting you all so well. She looks just beautiful.

Sue, Doug, Emma and Evan

Amy said...

Love all the new pictures of gorgeous Jorja!! Can't wait to see more!!

Jill said...

Jodi, She is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I LOVE that smile!! I am so glad to hear things are going well for you guys. Can't wait to see more pics!!! Congrats mommy and daddy!!!
Hugs, Jill

Dee said...

Hi! Just got a late night call from the agency. Looks like we will leave on the 4th or 5th and meet CXE on the 6th or 7th. And other random appts on 14th, and 15
we will see if they give us those dates. We will know more soon.

B.K. said...

I was so excited to read your Blog and to actually see Jorja. She is precious. Praise God for all His many blessings. We are praying for you and the entire family. We love ya, B.K.

Kathryn said...

Congratulations on the handover of your newest family member. What a darling. Isn't it exciting getting to know your precious child more and more evry day. The addition of all children in your life is wonderful, but one of the joys of adoption is the fairly short time frame in which you first discover so many new characteristics and talents of your new child. It is interesting to read of Jorja's fine motor skills; our three year old Suixi daughter, Eliza Huazhu, also came to us with amazing fine motor skills and continues, after two years at home in Australia, to amaze evryone with her dexterity. Your blog just shines with love for your girl and has reminded me of the delight we experienced two years ago, and still experience every day in every aspect of our darling. God bless your family,
Kathryn, Jim and Eliza Huazhu, Melbourne, Australia

Heather said...

It still amazes Bill and myself how perfect Acer is for our family. God is Good and once again, as you experience more of Jorja's personality, we see His hand in the making of our families.
Heather BT

NancyW said...

So many memories your trip is bringing back to us. Sarah had a facination with shoes in general and hers in particular. She would line all the shoes up every time we kicked them off in the hotel. She would only wear those original red shoes for the next 4 months, no matter how cute a new pair was.

Jorja looks so flexible - Sarah can do splits and it looks like Jorja is sitting in a split position.

Sarah also had great fine motor skills, loved stickers and drawing small neat rows of tiny circles!

Thanks for letting us share your joy!


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