Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Introducing Jorja Noelle

This morning at breakfast Jorja had the whole restaurant in stitches laughing! The breakfast is buffet, so "Baba" first went to get Jorja some congee (a rice cereal that she is used to eating.) When Baba came back Jorja was very happy that he came back. He left again to get some more food and juice. This time, from a distance she saw him coming... with excitement she began yelling, "Baba! Baba!" There were some families around us that knew we had only met less then 24 hours ago. From then on every time Bryan got up, her excitement with his return got louder and louder! Too funny and oh so sweet!
After breakfast we met our wonderful friend and guide, Rebecca. She took us back to the Civil Affairs office to finalize the adoption. Jorja was very nervous being back in the building. She was quiet and looking around. I'm sure she was looking for the nannies who brought her to us the day before. When we were done and back in the van to the hotel, everything was good again!
Yes, China has finalized our adoption and Chun Yu is officially Jorja Noelle!

Today you became our daughter
Our family is now complete
God blessed us with your angel eyes
And your dancing, busy feet!

Together forever, our lives intertwined
This we do solemnly vow.
What pride we feel, as our joy we share
Your're our daughter now!

Our afternoon was a slow one - but good that we were able to spend a lot of one on one time with Jorja. Daddy and Jorja shared some noodles for lunch and watched our Baby Einstein video. Jorja loved it. She will mimic words and signs, but is not using them in text - except for "shoes" and "bye-bye".
The weather was beautiful so we went for a walk around the island. She loved telling every store merchant "bye-bye". They thought it was funny and it was nice that we didn't feel so rude as we just walked by and didn't enter their stores.

Jorja had her first taste of Papa John's pepperoni pizza! She seemed to like it but was a bit cranky and tired from the long day. I tried to get her to lay down with me for bed, but she didn't want to go to sleep - exhausted but fighting sleep. (Jailyn and Jojra are going to be up all night chatting - I can see it now!) So, Bryan had to be the bad guy and put her in her bed and make her stay. She didn't cry about it but tried every way to fight for her right to PARTY!

Today we are off the a Children's Park! I guess there are games and rides. Jorja doesn't like heights so we will see how she does on the rides. She may surprise us! Then this afternoon we are off to get her Chinese passport.

Love to everyone at home! 9 more sleeps for y'all 8 more sleeps for us!! 8 sleeps and one long airplane ride. Have a great day! We leave you today with one more look at this beautiful face...


Bree said...

We're so excited that things are going so well! We're praying for the rest of your trip, for Jorja's adjustment, and for safe travel as you return home. Thanks for the updates and pictures of your sweet girl...can't wait to meet her!

Heather said...

Love the BaBa excitement. Think you'll have a Baba's girl on your hands?
Heather BT

Dee said...

Thank you so much for the update about the pull ups. We were just wondering if Jorja is somewhat potty trained, or if she wears diapers/pull ups all day. Should we bring underwear or just diapers/pull ups?

Susan (Gallagher) Oehmler said...

I'm so glad to hear that it's going so well! Makes me even more anxious for Jim and Nicole to bring Shreya home!! I will be praying for the rest of your time to be one of profitable bonding.

Red Hot Angel Wings said...

Oh Jodi,
What a precious story. I am sure Bryan was grinning from ear to ear.
Have fun with the rest of your stay there. I can't wait to see you and Jorja.

Jay said...

What an exciting post! We are so excited to meet Jorja. Had a great day at home today--football in the park, bowling, charades, etc. We miss y'all. Jailyn is ready to have Jorja home!!

Sara said...

Looks like you are having fun!! We miss riding in that crazy traffic...yikes!! Our guide told us not to look out the front windows...just look out the side windows or look at her :-)

Christina M. said...

I am so happy that Jorja is finally with her forever family!! I love reading the updates and hearing about the adventure. Your experience reminds me of how kind Jesus is to His children! Can't wait to meet Jorja! Mark and I are continually praying for you all.

art said...

Congrats! She is beautiful!

NancyW said...

Jorja may need naps with all the energy that these adjustments take. Sarah took 1-2 hour naps for the first month and then only half hour naps for the next 6 months until now no naps (boo hoo!)

In China, we found she needed the down time mid day to avoid the overtired nighttime issues.

Ah - being a daddy's girl is a wonderful thing!


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