Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally in China!

Yes, we are finally here! Bryan immediately hooked up the computer so that we can feel a little bit closer to home! We got up at 3:30am on Friday and it is now 1:25am on Sunday (in China!) long few days and we are totally messed up on what day it is - as we keep confirming with each other! :)
All our flights went well! We were upgraded to some sweet seats by this wonderful woman an Japan Airlines for our longest flight (11 hours)! We were very thankful!!!
Tomorrow is a day to hang around and get our barrings, and then we meet Jorja at 2:30pm on Monday! :) Can't wait!
Our guide here in China, Rebecca, checked with the orphanage three days ago and made sure they had told Jorja about us. They said that she is ready. Please continue to pray for her - what a scary day for her!!!

Love y'all!
Bryan and Jodi


NancyW said...

Glad you have arrived and I'm sure I will be waking up at 2:30 AM here, thinking about your special moment. Foremans think they will travel next week, so finally both girls coming home.

Seat upgrade for the ocean leg - tremendous!

Amy said...

Yay Jodi!! I'm so glad you are there. You waited so long! I can't wait to see Jorga's beautiful face with yours!!

Amy said...

Wow! In China! I'm not going to travel with Juergen this week. The boys have been to loud. Juergen's dad is 80 years old. We felt it best that I stay home with the wild boys! At least I get to follow your trip now! I'm so happy for you!

BevWitt said...

I am soooooo excited to see you are in China! Glad to hear the traveling has gone well so far. We will continue to pray for an easy transition for Jorja and a smooth journey home!!

Heather said...

So glad that you're finally there to bring your little one home. I pray for a rough transition now, for an easier attachment later (at least that's the theory I've always heard)
Take care, so dern excited for you.
Heather BT

Tena said...

Thank you for the update! I'm so glad you made it safely and will finally meet Jorja on Monday!

Valerie said...

You survived the first hurdle! Upgraded seats, you are being guided by an angel.

I know you are tired, but before you know it, you will be showing Jorja the sites of her homeland; and then bring her to land home!

I can't wait to see pictures and will pray that she easily finds the space in her heart that has been waiting for her Mother and Father and wonderful family.

Don't forget to ask for lots of feather beds.

Love Valerie

Amy said...

Jodi, we are all traveling after all. I will not get to see your blog until the end of the week. I'll be thinking of you. I'm more then excited for you. Bless you all!!

Dee said...

Hi Ho! Jodi and Bryan! We don't know when we leave yet, we are pushing the agency to get on it!! I told them lets go! We are ready to go. So, we should leve right around the 2nd ish. They said they could get us there in a week, so I told them that is what we want to do, because we are ready! Let you know when we know more! So, we should see you there. At least for a day or so. You are at the White Swan? We will be at the victory.


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