Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Trip to Sam's Club

So, one would think that a family of six (almost seven) would have been shopping bulk for years already. No, not us! But, I took the plunge this week! Jailyn and I went to Sam's Club for this first time! And boy did we have fun! Of course, Jailyn loved all the food tasting stops as we shopped! Some things she liked and some, not so much! Her favorite was the .67 ice cream - it was huge!!! I think we will go there just for an ice cream treat!!! :)
One should also not go to Sam's Club when hungry!!! :) Unless, you stop for a pretzel or hot dog!!! Love it!
We stayed for 1 1/2 hours, and forgot laundry detergent!! I was a bit overwhelmed!

I tried to get everything put away before the kids came home from school, but didn't get that done. Unfortunately, they saw everything and no that we have a box of 24 ding dongs, and 48 bags of mini oreo's!

Next week I have to re-arrange the pantry to fit everything! :)
Mom and Jay, hope this helps to cut down on the trips to the grocery store when you finally get to come!! :) No mid-night snacking on the boxes of food hidden in my closet though!


Amy said...

I love Sam's Club!! I think it is better than Costco. Costco things are generally nicer, but I think Sam's Club is a better deal. And when you have more than a couple of kids, better deals really matter!! Looks like your kids are set! Now it's time to go to China!!

Amy said...

I think the video link you sent me was kind of hateful, so I will not post it. But sadly I believe much of it was too true! I am praying day and night that McCain wins! I have to believe God has a say in it! You know my heart. I want abortion to end! Life is way too valuable.

Tena said...

So what's for dinner and when are we coming over?

Glaziersgirl said...

I love Sams Club too! I found it makes checking out easier if you take those canvas bags you can buy at Walmart for a $1.00 (I have like 10) and load them up. I also have a thermal bag I take (because my Sam's is about a 25 minute drive) to keep my cold stuff cold.

Miss you guys...kiss my Jailyn for me.


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