Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Fun was have by all!
During the day, Jailyn and I went to the local grocery store for a cooking class! We made Ghoul-aid (which Jailyn wouldn't drink!), Mummy pizza's, spider cupcakes and witch's hats! We had a great time! We actually went with a few neighbors, the cooking room was full when we got there so we weren't able to sit with our neighbors. :( As we looked around the room we saw two other mom's we know (from Conner's soccer team) and their daughters - but their table was full too. As I scanned the room - I saw another Mom smiling at me, "She looks familiar" Then I saw her little boy! I had met them at the McKinney Asian Kids group. We were able to sit with them and it was great to re-connect with them!

After school we spent the afternoon setting up the house with our Halloween decorations. The kids are getting great at designing and putting all the decorations up!
They are very creative! We convinced Jailyn that the skeleton's and ghosts were "silly".
Kenzie picked out one ugly decoration - Jailyn keeps asking her, "Kenzie, you like that guy?" "I don't like that guy!"

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