Thursday, April 19, 2018

Making a difference!

Last weekend at Jailyn's gymnastics meet
Jailyn and I were blessed by an amazing lady!
A stranger, who within minutes made us feel like family!
She didn't have too!
But, she did!
And she made a huge impact on us!

So, Jailyn and I stayed at a hotel that was across the parking lot from Cracker Barrel!
Of course we decided on breakfast there! 

Neither Jailyn or I could sleep -
so we made our way to breakfast early.

We were seated 
and soon our server came to chat with us.

She was a doll!
She chatted with us and Jailyn told her why we were there.

Ms. Kelly wrote down Jailyn's name and told
her that she is going to be praying for Jailyn through the day.
"Praying that she does her best.
Praying that she has fun.
Praying that she and her team are safe,
and praying that Jailyn will be proud of her skills today!"

I got chills!!

Of course Jailyn had to go back to the next morning 
to show Ms, Kelly her medals!

Ms. Kelly was so proud of her!
She even called to her friends at the restaurant,
"This is Jailyn, that I told you about yesterday!
Look at her medals!!"

Ms. Kelly, 
you are amazing!!
You are an amazing encourager!
You are a gift!! 

You taught us a very important lesson in caring for your neighbor! 
Even if we may never see each other again! 

Mark 12:31
"Love your neighbor as yourself.
There is no commandment 
greater than these."


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