Monday, February 5, 2018

In my arms since 2007!

February 5th 2007
you changed my life forever!!

Complete strangers brought together!
Together as mother and daughter!

Holding you for the first time after looking at your photo for five months
absolutely took my breath away!

I couldn't believe we were finally holding you!
Promising the easiest promise I've ever promised...
 to love you forever!!

Holding your tiny self, 
you didn't smile,
you didn't cry,
you nestled into my arms.
Just like you had been waiting for me for months too!

You were shy but had a way about you that pulled everyone who met you,
into your little world!

Today, you are still your tiny self, 
but larger than life when it comes to your personality!

You still draw people into your little world!

You love with all your heart.
You stop what you are doing when you see someone in need.

You've taught me how to celebrate the little things in life!
You've taught me that I can share my feelings and we can work
through hurts together.
You've taught me to not take myself or life too seriously.
Laughter is always the best medicine. 

You, my treasure, have changed my life more than I have changed yours.
I  am forever grateful I was asked to be your momma.

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