Friday, January 27, 2017

God's surprise blessing!

Remember this???

She wasn't walking or talking,
she has significant delays 
and her family needs to be prepared to 
deal with her unknowns!

Ohhhh my!!! 
That is not the post from an advocate that you want to hear 
when you are looking for your little girl! 

Isn't it funny, when you prepare yourself 
but sometimes you aren't prepared!

We were prepared for a little girl who would need a wheelchair,
a little girl who would not be able to
do anything on her own! 
We were ready!!!

God blessed us with our sweet, funny, laid back Laynee!

Laynee loves to hang with momma,
and brush my hair!
( I love this too!)

Laynee came home walking with little balance,
we were told, 
"she can walk but not for very long."
This girlie can walk and run circles around some of her sibling!
 She has even learned to walk up and down stairs without holding on to 
something or someone! 

Laynee loves and thrives on structure!
She still gets confused when something new comes her way,
but with encouragement and direction she will try anything! 

She loves getting up and ready for school,
though Saturdays and holidays from school kinda through her for a loop -
but she's not the only in the family! haha!

Laynee loves learning and though she is drastically behind her peers,
she has come a long way
and works very hard!! 

Laynee loves doing puzzles and coloring! 
I love that she is learning to color with lots of different colors!!  

Laynee loves going to Sunday School with Miles.
Having another sibling with her relaxes her and 
his younger class is just right for her! 

Laynee loves walking on our wood floors 
pretending she is her big sister Jailyn,
on the balance beam.

Laynee works hard on her vocabulary,
but that is coming along too! 
She is getting good at reading emotions on faces,
and tells me every day after school,
"No fun!" 
Only because I tease her anytime I have to leave her that she can't have
fun without me! Ha!Ha!
She loves this sarcastic game and gives it back to me!

I share this not only to brag on my Laynee,
but when adopting remember  -
when a child is cared and loved for in a family, 
everything can change! 
God shows us blessings over and over again
through our beautiful Laynee!! 
So, be prepared - but also be open to what could be! 

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