Thursday, December 1, 2016

9 years old!!!

Yesterday was Hagan's 9th birthday!

It was a slow day,
going at Hagan's recovery speed,
but it was good to see a smile on 
that face once again. 

Miles and I took Hagan to McD's for lunch,
though he couldn't play,
he was super excited the Happy Meal 
had TMNT toys!! 

After school everyone took turns playing Connect 4 
with Hagan.
A game no one wants to play with him,
because he always wins! 
And then opened presents! 

And we celebrated wth his choice of 
hot dogs and cupcakes for dinner!

I wish I would have gotten a photo of his face 
when I pulled out the 
"9" candle.
Who would have thought a little candle
would mean so much to 
our boy!!! 

Happy Birthday Hagan! 
We love you to the moon and back!! 

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