Monday, August 31, 2015

Only a week late!! Ohhh boy!!!

My Back to school photos are only a week late!
Hey, I think I'm doing pretty good!!
Ha! Ha!
Conner asked me the other day if I was still blogging -
ummmm - 
that's the idea!!! But I haven't been very good! 
I will try to be better!!!

But on to sharing photos of BTS 2015!

 I can't believe how fast our summer went!!

Conner - a Junior in High School!
How did this happen?

So proud of this guy!!

Jorja is excited about her last year in elementary school
as a 5th grader!

Donovan and Jailyn are both in 4th grade!

Same teachers but different rotation!

Jailyn is excited to be involved in everything at school -
Music makers, Art Club, Safety Patrol!
Social butterfly!

Elijah is in 2nd grade!
He is attending a different school than the other kids
and in the special ed class that is perfect for him 
and his needs!

and he gets to ride the bus! 
Lucky guy!

Hagan is ready for 1st grade!
He's ready to take on the world!
Praying for a great, healthy year for my boy!

My Griggsy is killing me!!!

But he is so ready!!!! 

Kenzie even sent me a photo of her first day of school!
Thank you Kenz!!! 
You know how to make your momma feel loved!!

And of course, 
my babies needed photos too!!

Wow!!!! We are blessed!!!

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Shay Ankerich said...

Yay for school pics! SO cute! Hoping it is a great year!!!!!


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