Friday, April 17, 2015

Addicted to adoption?

Soon we will be celebrating 4 years 
since we first met Donovan and Elijah!!!

I get nostalgic as we approach the anniversary 
of all of our children's first meetings 
and family days,
and the precious photos,
the only glimpse we had of our children 
before meeting them.

This year is a little harder because we are missing 
Laynee and Miles something awful!!

 The other day, Donovan came out of school,
got in the car and said...
"I can't wait until July!"

I was kind of confused because his birthday is in June,
and this is about the time he starts talking about his bday!

I asked him, "why July?"

He answered,
"Because you and Daddy will bring home 
Laynee and Miles!
I can't wait to meet them!!"

Ohh how I love his heart!! 

I think my younger kids "get it" more than most people.

They remember the wait 
for their family to come get them.
They remember the pain of being alone,
and of being scared at night.
The pain of hunger in their tummies, 
and for some of them the pain 
of physical abuse. 

They amaze me at how they can decide to love,
and trust.
(even though some take longer than others!)

Jorja, who doesn't like physical contact at all,
ran up to me the other day 
and about tackled me with a bear hug!!!!

I was shocked!!!!

(We usually get a high-five or fist bump.
Once in a while, we can get a side hug.
But, if that is all she can do - then we will work with that.)

Since the day she gave me that BIG hug - she has been giving me hugs everyday!

Today, she gave me another big ole' hug -
and said,
"That feels good!
I didn't think that would ever feel good."

It can take a time - 
but it is worth it!!

We are often asked if we are addicted to adoption...
I guess in a way we are! 

Addicted to seeing hope enter the eyes of our children 
who once had no hope.
Addicted to sharing the love of Christ with our children
who had never felt the love of Christ.
Addicted to being a wild and crazy family -
who learn and grow together!!!

But, believe me - every adoption journey is different,
and definitely comes with a bit of fear!
Fear of the unknown!! 
We are nothing special - 
but our GOD is bigger than any challenges that we may face!

We can't wait to bring Laynee and Miles home in July!

Laynee has many medical questions in her file-
but thankfully none of them are a surprise to God.
We are excited to see HIM work miracles with our little girl!

Some questions have come up recently about Miles too,
but we know that God has everything under control!!

If you would like to help us on our journey to 
bringing them home we would truly appreciate 
your prayers, please pray 
as we prepare the kids at home,
pray that Laynee and Miles are getting the care that they both need,
and that their hearts are prepared to meet us.

If you would like to help us with our adoption fee's 
we would truly appreciate your donations too.

Each Puzzle piece represents a donation of $10.
We will add your name to the puzzle!
(Lots more puzzle pieces left!! ) 

You can donate on the paypal button on the side of our blog.
We truly appreciate every donation
and especially every prayer!!

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey 
to our "babies"!!

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