Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photos never meant so much

One of the hard things about adoption,
is knowing that you have missed so much 
in the life of your child.

Though Miles is only 2 years old,
I wonder what he looked like as a baby.

I admit, I look at the photos of babies on one of our dwarfism groups 
and I wonder if Miles looked like any 
of these beautiful babies!!

Well, two nights ago I got the most amazing gift!

Miles had spent a short time of his life at
Little Flowers home in Beijing China.

Sweetly, they sent us photos of our boy while 
he was in their care.
(I'm still trying to find out why he was there
for that time period, 
but I'm sure those answers will come!)

For now,
I gush over my beautiful baby Miles John...

I'm in love!!!

Ohhhhh I can't stand the cuteness!!!

our first thumb sucker!

Doesn't he look pretty in pink?!!


kainz said...

The photos are lovely, and such a nice gift for your family! Thank you for sharing with us! But one small question?...What are you doing up at 4:30?
Love to you!

Jenifer Parris said...

Precious!!!!! What a gift to get these pictures!!!!!

Sherri said...

Oh my Heavens....he's beautiful!


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