Thursday, January 22, 2015

"the school called..."

No body wants to hear that the school called.

Especially, the momma who,
when the phone rings looks at the caller ID,
praying and praying that it 
doesn't say a certain school room.

But yesterday,
I got an email.
An email is not as scary as a phone call -
but still this momma
was a little nervous to open it.
And I still go into my hyper vigilant mode,
wondering what I am going to have to fix,
and going through my plan of how to best help Elijah 
through this episode.

The first sentence took my worries away!

I am so PROUD!! 

ohhhhh thank you Jesus!!
and the email continued!

He went to Mrs. Kersch's class this morning around 8:45.
  He hesitated at the door and then I reminded him that it was a good place 
and she had a desk waiting for him. 
 He went in and sat down and pulled a binder out of the desk 
and started doing the work the other kids were doing. 
 He stayed in there until 9:40 when they went to specials. 
 I had to leave and go to an ARD but Ms. S went in. 
 He walked with his class to music, participated in music, 
and then went to lunch with his class.   
It brought tears to my eyes. 
 I wanted to take pictures like a proud mother
 but then I didn't want to disturb the class LOL.  

Ohhh Wow!!!! 
We are so proud of Elijah!!! 
Soooo very proud!!! 
and so very thankful for his amazing teacher 
who truly loves my boy!! 

He is learning trust!!
He is learning that it's okay to step out of his comfort zone!
He is learning that it feels good to be in control 
of his situation.
He is learning to regulate himself
even in uncomfortable situations!!
He is learning that he has a voice - 
if the situation lends itself to Elijah staying with mom or dad-
and that is where he is most comfortable -
then that is what we do.
He is learning that he is LOVED!!!!!

3 1/2 years of hard, hard, hard stuff!!!
And we are able to talk him through his fears,
and his concerns.
He comes to us and tells us situations that happened at school.
He is able now to tell me fun things that happens at school.
He is able to open up a little about his past -
and trust that he does not live in 
those hard times any more. 

There is always hope!! 
And though some may see this as baby steps -
they are huge steps for my boy!!!
With bigger steps to come!! 
But I will never let go!!

We are so very, very proud of him!
and I am blessed beyond measure to call you son!

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