Thursday, January 8, 2015

His sweet heart...

I know that people think we are crazy,
in fact I have been told it many times.
Especially from people who help us with Elijah...
seriously we were told by 
highly educated people,
"You should never adopt again."

don't tell Elijah that because he would be heart broken!

Elijah knows that we are adopting again,
he knows who his new sister and brother look like,
he knows how old they are,
he knows that Miles will be little like Hagan,
and that for some reason Maklayne is not walking on her own.

Elijah has been so obsessed with his little brother and sister 
coming home,
every time I left the house he would ask if I was going to China 
"to bring home his little brother and sister."

I told him, months ago, that we wouldn't travel until 
after Christmas.  
And for a few months Elijah was content with that answer.

Up until December 26th.
This sweet boy,
brought me my overnight bag and said,
"Momma, it's after Christmas, 
you can go get my brother and sister now."

Ohhh sweet boy!! 
We worry about leaving him for this upcoming trip,
being without mom and dad is very hard on him,
but God is already working in his heart.

"I be ready for dem when you get home wid dem."

"Momma my Miles and Mkwayne are so cute!
So cute like Gwiggs! 
Momma Gwiggs is so cute! 
I will take care of Gwiggs when you are gone.
You come back for me, right Momma!"

"You bet baby!!! I'll always come back for you!!"

"And Gwiggs too?"

"And Griggs too, buddy!"
(guess there is safety in large families!)

Thank you Jesus!! 

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Melanie said...

I just recently found your blog and after some time reading I do not think you are crazy. I am impressed. A family that seeks council from God and then acts on it. Faith, courage and blessings:) Best wishes as you travel to China and for the little ones anxiously waiting at home.


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