Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas vacation 2014

It's been a loooong, loooong time since we have taken a family vacation!
One with a real hotel and everything!

But it was in order this year! 
We all needed some time out of the house and spending time
having fun together!

While in the middle of an adoption it is hard to justify spending money -
but you have to enjoy life as a family,
that is extremely important too,
especially when you are adding two more. 
Everyone needs to know they are special!

So, we drove 5 hours to Sea World San Antonio!

Can you tell who was in charge!!!

Jorja, Donovan and Elijah went on their very first roller coaster!
(along with Dad, Kenzie and Conner) 

While Mom, Jailyn, Hagan and Griggs enjoyed a more mellow exploration...

photos inside a snow globe!

Hagan started a "snowball" fight!
Little stinker!

We all enjoyed the shows and learned so much!
Jailyn is soooo confused now -
she wanted to be a veterinarian,
but now is thinking maybe a marine biologist.

The kids enjoyed more rides,
some enjoyed them more then others! haha!

Elijah really enjoyed this one!

And even mom went on a ride!
What was I thinking - 40 degrees and we go on the water ride! What????

Mom, Dad, Jorja, Elijah and Jailyn went on this one.
Needless to say, 
Elijah and Jailyn freaked out on the first incline.
Along with the young teen sitting next to me
who was riding alone. 

So we were trying to comfort them,
knowing that none of us could get off.

Donovan had chickened out at the last minute -
but decided to get wet too!

 The next day we went to the Alamo and hung out at the River Walk.
It was so pretty! 
Every one enjoyed the boat ride along the river!
(I was unable to take any photo...
but that is another post).

Our last day, 
as we headed home we 
Dad, Kenzie, Conner, Donovan and Jorja went to explore 
some caverns.

Since, Hagan and Griggs would not be able to walk the caverns
we decided to split up -
I took Jailyn, Elijah, Hagan and Griggs to the Wildlife Ranch 
and see some more animals!!

We loved driving through the grounds and having the animals come see us!

Some got a little too close for comfort!

Jailyn was in heaven!!! 

 We all had a great time!
Unfortunately, Brady works retail and couldn't come with us. :( 

We can't wait for our next family vacation
that will include Brady, Laynee and Miles!!

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