Monday, December 29, 2014

6 years of growth!!

6 years ago this peanut walked into our lives!!

Who what a beautiful young lady she is becoming!! 

A few months after being home Jorja asked me,
"You know that Jesus guy?"

"Yes, I know that Jesus guy!"

"I know him too!!"

"You do?"
Thinking, wow, her English is still lacking 
and I'm not sure how much she understands 
of what we tell her. 

Jorja continued,
"I knew him in China! 
He was with me on that room. 
The scary room, he made sure that I was safe."

Jorja had a really hard first 5 years of life!
Harder then I could even imagine, 
but God answered our prayers that HE would keep her safe,
and that HE would make himself known to our daughter! 

Life was not easy for her, 
And through years of helping work things out,
she has begun to understand that 
God never left her. 
He was, is and forever will be there for her. 

I love the joy in her eyes
and His peace in her heart!! 

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