Thursday, October 23, 2014

surgery scheduled, prayers appreciated!

I love when we can go to doctor appointments 
and I can tell Hagan,
"they are just going to look- 
no owies today!"

Unfortunately, this appointment won't be like that.
We had to schedule Hagan's 
surgery sooner than later.
We had first hoped that he would not need 
this surgery until he was 9 years old,
but Hagan's body is showing signs that he needs 
to have it done now, before more damage is done. 

Hagan will be having T-11 thru L3 fusion.
Here is the youtube video that shows 
what they will be doing.

His surgery is scheduled for November 5th.

Prior to the surgery we need to do another sleep study,
he is still having severe sleep apnea.
We have had to find a new sleep specialist,
as the other specialist wasn't taking 
his situation seriously. 

We are thankful that God lead us to a doctor
(just a few miles away),
who was horrified by his previous sleep study results. 
She taking his care very seriously
and wants to do anything they can for us -
prior to his surgery. 

The recovery will be a rough one but Hagan is a strong boy!

We appreciate y'all's prayers as we prepare,
and prepare Hagan for this rough one.

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