Thursday, July 17, 2014

That smile!!

This boy just amazes me!!

Not because he can do things that people 
think little people can't do -

but because of his attitude!

It takes a lot to disappoint Hagan,
he takes things in stride.
He doesn't get jealous when others get to play soccer,
instead he excited when he gets a chance to 
get on the field and kick the ball around a bit. 

He doesn't have a competitive bone in his body -
but he encourages others! 

He loves to learn, 
learning from experience and 
to learn from books!

But, when we get to surprise him with something
that gives him an even playing field with average height kids...

the smile on his face 
is bigger than life!!!

Yesterday, he was gifted with a new bike from Scottish Rite!
The one they had chosen for him, prior to meeting him,
was just too big.
(Hagan is short even on the Achon Dwarfism height chart).

Mr. Albert, pulled out a different bike,
and Hagan's eyes lit up!!!

He took to riding it quickly!

And then when Mr. Albert asked.
"Do you want to take this bike home?"

Hagan could't believe his ears!

We were at Scottish Rite for 5 more hours -
(just x-rays and check up)
Hagan didn't want to let that bike out of his sight,
and kept asking,
"I take my bike home?"
"yes, buddy!!
You get to take your bike home."

I am so thankful for his amazing smile!! 
and his sweet, sweet attitude!

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