Friday, July 4, 2014

Nine!!! Seriously? NINE???

My son turned 9 while we were on vacation!!!

I can't believe he is n-i-n-e!!!

We've only been blessed to call him son 
for 3 years -
but boy is he an Anderson through and through!

When we were matched with Donovan and Elijah,
Donovan was a bit older than we thought we wanted 
to add to our family.
But, thank God we said "yes"-
he is such an amazing brother 
and son!!
We can't imagine our family without him!

We celebrated his birthday at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha!
Donovan loves going to the zoo!!!

We had a great day with our friends,
and had ice cream on the way home,
and "Aunt" Karen 
even had baked him a special birthday cake and gift!!
Thank you Karen!!!

Happy Birthday Donovan!!
We love you!

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