Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Growth is hard

As you all know…
Hagan is one amazing guy!

He has walked into our family and has seemed to 
embrace family -
and all that a family is.
He let's us take care of him,
but doesn't expect us to do everything for him.

Recently, we have seen more growth in him…
and this growth is hard.
He is releasing some memories from his past.
Telling us some stories,
or parts of stories.

It just hurts this momma so bad that I don't know his
life story for the first 5 years.
I know, I know… 
I've seen and will see so many firsts in his life now -
but really,
how he reacts to situations in his life
all stem from the experiences in his first 5 years of life. 
And it wasn't good. 

He is an amazing kiddo -
who tries to see the good in life,
and embrace his family and friends…
but lately,
I have seen the fear filled side of him,
and this breaks my heart! 

He has had to grow up too fast.
I wish I could have gotten to him sooner
and saved him from all of this pain.

But for now,
we take it day by day,
moment by moment,
working through the hurts and fears that plague him.
Praying this second year being home with us helps him grow
in trust and confidence. 

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likeschocolate said...

Gotta love summer at the pool!


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