Thursday, May 8, 2014


This is one of the hardest posts I have written. 

It is filled with so much emotion in every fiber of my being.

There is anger, there is compassion,
there is anguish, there is hope,
there is the feeling of 
being numb and 
being speechless -
and there is my need to speak for a little boy. 
But, to show compassion to everyone involved in this 
And I really don't know how to write it but here we go...

It came to my attention last Sunday
that a little boy is in desperate need of a family.

He has been home from his birth country 
with his adoptive family
for four years.
Because of certain circumstances they are no longer
able to parent him. 

We are desperately looking for this boys 
forever family. 

If you would like to know more about "Tyler" 
please contact Cyndi @ Second Chance adoptions.

Here is a little information for y'all.

Tyler is an adorable 6 year old boy originally adopted July 2010. Despite being in a family for nearly 4 years, Tyler is still showing post adoption and post institutionalism behavior and needs a chance to "start over". 

Tyler is extremely intelligent and does well in school where he is in first grade, yet in his homeschool he does some second grade work. His reading is close to a third grade level. He likes writing in a journal and also likes to ride his bike, talk with others, and watch kid movies. 

A home is being sought where there are no other children under age 12. 


Sherri said...

Oh dear GOD, so sad. I hope he finds his family. God Bless him.

Lisa L Flowers said...

Such sweetness! Hoping he finds what the needs and deserves soon.


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