Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time is running out!!!

Time is running out for Geno!! 

Please help us find his family!! 

Normally birthdays are a special time,
 especially when a boy reaches his teens.

But for Geno,
his upcoming birthday means that he will have 
no chance of ever being adopted. 

Life in China as an orphan is beyond hard!
but life as an orphan in a wheelchair with OI -
is unimaginable. 

I will never forget the homeless man that came to talk to Hagan,
while we were in China. 
This beautiful man, had the sweetest eyes,
his body was mangled,
he could not stand, 
he walked on his feet.
But this man, came to say hi to Hagan. 
He touched Hagan and spoke to him in Mandarian,
and Hagan was not scared.
The man looked at me and smiled and smiled again at Hagan. 
I believe he was happy that Hagan would have a 
full life and that he would be loved!

Geno's paperwork is not finished , the orphanage will finish it
When his family comes forward! 

I pray the same for Geno!

Geno is said to have OI,
Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  

Geno has a big, loving heart, 
one of his dreams is to open a restaurant to support himself 
and others in need!

He takes Chinese, Math, English, History 
and Art classes!  

He is a hard worker!
Please help us spread the word about this amazing boy!

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