Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saying good-bye

 Loss of our fur babies is just heart wrenching.

Cosmo was our first pup as a family. 

We got him on Valentine's Day from the community shelter when he was 
about 3 months old, almost 11 years ago. 

He has welcomed all of our little kiddos with a wagging tail 
and a lick to their face! 
(some were not too excited about that!) 

A few years ago, we took a family vacation and left him 
in a kennel for a week. 
When we got him home - he ran around the house,
smelling everyone and everything and then just sat there...
waiting for the new kiddo to appear! haha!
sorry buddy - just us this time!

A few weeks ago we found out that he had bone cancer,
it had spread quickly, he was in a lot of pain 
 and it was time to say goodbye
to our boy. 

Breaking this to the kids was an incredibly hard conversation.
I knew the kids would be sad,
but I also knew that our little kids have lost so much already in 
their young lives that this loss was going to hurt deeply,
and bring up pain that they may not want to deal with.

Our vet let us come visit him over the last few days,
as some kids couldn't get to him yesterday. 

Jailyn has been nicknamed "the dog whisper" -
she can seem to get a big ole' dog to do things that 
the rest of us couldn't get him to do. 

Silly kids imitating Cosmo! 

Today Kenzie and Conner were able to see him after school,
 we met up with them. 

Hagan and Griggs don't really understand what happened,
but are missing Cos too. 
(though they probably don't miss his wagging tail hitting them in their face.)

Elijah's missing his sensory buddy!!! 

Hugs for everyone!

 Kenzie and Conner took the kiddo's home while I stayed with Cosmo.

Sitting, holding him to the end. 

What a special friend he was. 
And even though he is no longer stealing our food, 
or laying on my side of the bed at night - 
he is still helping bring our family together
 and heal through this hurt together. 
Love you Cosy Motto! 
Meow! Meow! 

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