Saturday, January 4, 2014


doesn't just happen.

"Family" takes time to build.
Even though my adopted kids call me "mom"
and have from the first day we met them -
'cause that's what we told them our names were.
"Mom" is just a name sometimes -
it takes a while to really understand what that name means.

To really know what "family" is can take a long time.
For a child who has fought for everything they had,
or struggled to keep a special something from
getting stolen from the many other kids.
"family" is a foreign concept.

Elijah has had a hard time using the word "brother"
when it comes to Conner and Brady.
To him, Donovan was his only brother.
It is Donovan and Elijah against the world.

Don't get me wrong he has always loved
 playing and hanging out with Conner and Brady,

but would not call them "brothers".

Only since Hagan has come home,
has Elijah understood that we are all family,
and all of the siblings are brothers and sisters!!

It is amazing what God uses to heal our hearts!
Who knew that a little boy from China would make such a
difference in my Elijah's heart!

And these two love each
with a love I have never seen Elijah experience!


FlGdNbr said...

I love your blog today and am smiling through my tears! God has a plan and a purpose for everyone and everything in our lives. How wondrous to hear that Hagan with all his surgeries and tests and pain could "heal" Elijah in this way! God is truly amazing! And YOU are truly amazing as well, Jodi!

Sherri said...

So so sweet! Love your boys.


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