Saturday, December 21, 2013

Waiting on China

Paperwork is always a necessary evil! 
It has to happen - but man, live would be so much easier without it! 

We are so very thankful that our newest batch of paperwork for 
our angel girl went faster and smoother then we have 
ever experienced!! 
I think God wants our sweetie home! 

We sent all of our first stage paperwork to our agency,
they looked it over,
all was good,
and they sent our 
Letter of Intent (LOI)
to China! 

You would think I would get used to this - 
but when my case worker called to tell me 
that she had just sent it to China,
I cried! 

This little girl has been passed by so many times,
her file has been passed from agency to agency -
but finally,
we found her  -
God saved her for us! 

And now, 
waiting for China to send back their formal 
Permission to Adopt (PA)

We could have an answer any time in the next two weeks. 
As we wait,
we gather the paperwork for our Dossier -
and to my surprise this is going faster then usual too!! 
I'm really hoping God has an incredible plan to get her home 
Record breaking - that would be fun!! 
This momma is sooo excited!!! 


Ty said...

That's awesome - God is good! I can't wait to get to see a picture and hear more details.
Do you have a name picked out yet?

Anonymous said...

Yah!! So exciting!!
-Beka =)

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

YahoO! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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