Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turning 6!

What a huge smile Hagan had on his face all day!!!

Course he also got to play DS all day too! 
(for the first time!)
He is now a fan of Mario Cart!!! 

Jorja and Donovan had made birthday hats for him,

and Elijah made one for himself to wear at the party! 

Hagan requested a Mickey Mouse party with confetti cupcakes!
We asked him a few days before what he wanted to 
eat for dinner...


"No, Hagan, before cupcakes...
for dinner..."


Silly boy!!! 

Pin the nose on Mickey!

Sooo fun!! 
All the kids were so excited for Hagan's birthday party!

His favorite present!
Hagan plays imaginary bow and arrow all the time! 

We were so excite when we found this one -
just his size! 

For anyone who thinks adopting one child doesn't make a difference
in the orphan crisis...

look at this face again!!! 

compared to this face 
when we sent him a cake for his birthday last year.

1 comment:

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! If only I could jump through my monitor, I would give you a big kiss on your cheek. What a sweet guy you are.


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