Sunday, December 8, 2013

Define "snow"

With the anticipation of "snow" in the forecast, 
Kenzie and I were a little perturbed with the school teachers 
who told our littles that there would be snow.

You see, 
we don't define snow the same way most people in these neck of the woods
define snow.

To us, snow means fluffy white fun!! 
Snowball fights,
and snow angels. 
Collecting fallen snow to make snow-cream!
Ya know- good times! 

In Texas this is not the same definition...
anything that is cold, white and falls from the sky is snow...
even when it is actually ice.

our kids didn't care who's definition was right -
they wanted O.U.T.!!!!

And what a good daddy they have!!!

Griggsy loved riding with big sissy!! 

My twins!! 
How they love each other!!

Donovan loves this time with his daddy!! 
May have even made up for the fact that his soccer game
had been cancelled. 

And Jailyn's gymnastics was cancelled too - 
but she forgot that for a little while too!

Elijah is happy to be outside no matter the weather!
His giggle was heard throughout the neighborhood!

 Hagan is convinced we are one crazy family -
but I think he likes it that way!

Griggsy is not a fan of being cold,
but he had so much fun he stayed out longer then we thought he would! 

 And our athletic Jorja - embraced every sledding run!!! 
Joy, joy, joy!!!

I promise Hagan is laughing - not crying!!! 

And this is how memories are made!!!


Michelle said...

Looks like a beautiful, sun snow day!

Gayle said...

Special times and priceless memories. Beautiful pics.

likeschocolate said...

So sweet! You can't help but smile!


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