Friday, November 8, 2013


This is not the little boy who was at the 
breakfast table this morning.

Over stimulation, 

overwhelm him.

It is horrible to watch your child melt before your eyes.

I am soooo very thankful 
that my boy is willing,
and wants to find comfort in my arms! 

We WILL fight for him!
We WILL get through this!

And then, I am crushed again- 
millions of children want to be fought for! 
What to melt in their momma's arms -
but have no hope. 

Please step up and fight for these children! 
They need you!!

I saw a quote this past weekend -
"You may not need another child -
but a child needs you!"

1 comment:

Susan Davis said...

Completely agree Jodi. Though not adopted, one of our kiddos has autism and major sensory issues. Sometimes, it's like having two different children. Hang in there, mama - big hugs!


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