Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Jailyn

We celebrated Jailyn's birthday a day early,
cause ya know it's just much more fun to celebrate 
on a weekend!

This little fire cracker ceases to amaze and entertain us!

She has a heart of gold,
and is soooo happy to have her entire family around her. 

Today she asked something that broke my heart,
"Did you and Daddy just choose a birth day for me?" 

It saddens me that she has to doubt her life story...
even her actual birth date, 
but one thing she will never have to doubt -
she has a family who loves her and adores her,
and a God who knew her inside her mothers womb,
and knows the plans HE has for her. 

Today, we pray for Jailyn's birth family.
We thank them for making the decision to give her life,
they made sure she would taken care of 
even though they were not able.

We are richly blessed and can't wait to see what 
our beautiful 8 year old will experience this year!

Happy Birthday Princess!

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