Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week in review...

What a great, busy, crazy week this has been!
Many, many activities some Fun some Not Fun...

 Swim lessons for Donovan and Elijah!
 Mr. Smith is the best swim teacher e.v.e.r.!
(pretty cool math teacher too!)

Sooooo patient! 

Sooooo encouraging!!


sooooo knowledgable! 
Thank you Mr. Smith!
We had soooo much FUN!

and so did Hagan and Griggs -

as they waited for the big boys to join them!

But even more fun when Donovan and Elijah finished their lessons!

Jailyn had a doctor appointment with our wonderful pediatrist -
and yep, 
just like momma and kenzie she has 
NOT FUN!!!! 

Kenzie spent two days running around town with her 
Senior friends from school taking advertising photos! 

Kenzie had the long a waited orthodontist appointment...

and the day is set!!! 

OCT 9th!!! 
Say good-bye to braces!!

Conner, ohhh poor Conner!
A stressful week of having issues with his registration 
for high school! 
Thankfully,  everything is straightened out and 
we are ready to go! 
Well, as ready as one can be to get back to school -
and enter High School. 

But he did get a new cell phone -
so all is right with his world!!
(FYI - Uncle JB - I got Conner's phone, at least for now.) 

Along with soccer practices for all during the week
and gymnastics practice we keep going.

Hagan had Sleep Study #2. 
He did great! 
Unfortunately, the sleep tech was not very helpful -
soooo, we wait for the doctors to read the study 
and see what the next step is. 
And yes, even with his adenoids and tonsils out -
his oxygen is still dropping too low!

Jorja, Jailyn and Donovan had eye doc appointments 
last week -
the girls got new lenses in their old frames! 
and Donovan has joined the ranks! 
(but very handsome! I like he looks like a 6th grader!)

We ended the week with a FUN evening of entertainment!

Jorja and Jailyn participated in a 
Kids Summer Praise program at 
a local church this week!

They had so much fun! 

The program was amazing!!!
Thank you for inviting us Amy! 
Donovan, Elijah and Hagan can't wait to join the girls next year!

Looks like the FUN out weighed the NOT FUN!
All and all - 
a good week! 

Hope y'all have a great weekend! 
We are off to soccer games and gymnastics today! 

And Jailyn's baptism on Sunday! 

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