Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hagan and I were up bright and early to get to the hospital 
for his tonsillectomy... 
you know your at the hospital too often when 
the registrar and surgical nurses welcome you with hugs 
and "How have you been?".

Hagan's doc met with us prior to surgery to go over the plan,
and to talk about his apnea. 
Let's just say, I love that he loves my boy so much!
Before surgery he confirmed that we would be staying in PICU 
for the night and that we would have an oxygen tank in hand
before leaving the hospital. 

The tonsillectomy went great. 
Doc was very happy. 
Though he was still very concerned about Hagan's apnea.
Hagan did a great job waking up in recovery,
the nurses, and I, were pleasantly surprised as they remembered 
how rough he had it last time. 

PICU has been great! 
Hagan has loved the ice cream and special care he has been given.

He received a cool gift basket from 
what a great ministry! 

They even had a bag of goodies for us parents!

We had some friends stop by and visit us! 
Thank you for coming by Angela and Kat! 
It was sooo good to see y'all! 

Daddy came to hang out with us this evening,
which may not have been a good idea.
Hagan was very upset that we weren't going home with Daddy. 
He's ready to be done with his IV and all.

Medically, Hagan is doing great as long as he is awake,
and has his tylenol or motrin.
His oxygen is still dropping too low -
and scaring all of us. 
Dr. T already has a game plan in place.
We will see how Hagan does once the swelling 
goes down,
and after his next sleep study in 6 weeks. 
We're looking at a CPAP,
 and  another surgery done by Jailyn's craniofacial surgeon.
I need to learn more about this possible procedure 
but thankful our doc's have a plan!

According to Hagan's stats -
we have no idea how in the world he survived life
in an orphanage,
but we know God brought our son home
and has a huge plan for him!
We are incredibly thankful and honored to 
be the parents of this amazing little man!


Us! said...

I'm so glad to hear that Hagan is doing so well! You're always in our prayers!
The Kainz Family

Shay Ankerich said...

SO thankful Hagen is doing well. Praying for your sweet boy and family. I hope you all have a good night! Blessings!

Kathy said...

Continued prayers for you sweet boy and your family.
Thanking the Lord for the wonderful Dr.'s he blesses
us with.


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