Sunday, July 28, 2013

God's plans

I have shared with y'all about sweet Linny.

I have asked y'all to pray for her family 
to find her.

I know that some of you thought,
"ohhhh Jodi's gonna announce 
that they are adopting Linny!"

and ya know -
I wish that was the case.
There has been a lot of discussion in our house about Linny.
She has touched our hearts,
and opened our minds.

One night I couldn't sleep -
The thought of Linny sitting in her crib 
all alone haunted me.
I just want her to know that she is loved.
As I prayed,
God reminded me that she is HIS child,
and that HE cares for her 
greater then I could ever. 

I asked him, "Is Linny ours?"

I cried myself to sleep.
In the morning I woke with a peace
that can only come from God. 
Even though I knew the answer was "no". 

and I have peace?
I have also have had guilt that I am not rushing to bring her home,
but God's plans are not ours. 

As the weeks went by,
and advocating continued -
guess what God has going on with sweet Linny!
There are two families seriously praying 
about bringing her home!
(and one of them lives in our neck of the woods.) 

God has huge plans for this sweet girl and her family!
I am so very thankful that HE brought her into our lives,
and that we have been able to be 
her prayer warrior! 

Sometimes God doesn't ask you to adopt -
but to pray.
Pray specifically.
Take the time to get to know a child,
to hurt for a child,
to be unable to sleep and share the 
loneliness of a child.

If you don't know where to find 
any children -
let me know -
I can help you with that!


Sherri said...

That's so sweet and I hope and pray she finds her FOREVER Family.

Maggie said...

Can you pm me? I think I saw a picture of Linny on another adoptive family's blog! It would be a recent one and if it's her...she looks great!

Maggie said...

Please pm me: I think I may have found a recent picture of Linny on another adoptive family's website!

Maggie said...

Please pm me: I think I may have found a very recent photo of Linny on another adoptive family's website!

Jolene said...

There is a little one that I want desperately to jump on adopting but we are not able to at this moment. I had my own "releasing of the proverbial butterfly" today with said wee one. I have peace....but I know when I begin to advocate for this child I will be crying some ugly tears.


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