Thursday, June 13, 2013

Real animals?

Some sweet, sweet friends of our gifted us 
with a yearly membership to the local zoo!
(thank you Shelly!)

We were so excited to go,
we took off the first day we could.

It was 102 degrees but hey,
we got to go to the zoo.

Now the sad thing is that Jorja and Jailyn were the 
only little ones who had ever been to a zoo -
and a much smaller zoo then this one.

But Donovan and Elijah had no idea what to expect.
Infact, on the way there Donovan asked,

"Momma?  Are there real animals at the zoo?"

In that one little question Donovan reminded me how much
we take for granted. 
We assume our kids know these things.
We assume they can define events like we can.
But when they have not had the exposure and experience,
where would they get their knowledge from.

Donovan made me realize how much I expect my kids to just "know",
rather than working with them, talking to them,
educating them and allowing them to experience hands on,
so that they can have a foundation on which to build on.

So, here's to a great summer of exploration
and building knowledge in my kids. 
Even if some adventures are out of their comfort zone. 

An Update:
Hagan did great for his MRI,
he came out of sedation very well!
And is back to his normal self today.
We will wait to hear from the doc's as to
what the next step is.
Thank you for your prayers!

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