Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day...

Remember when Mother's Day was the one special day
of the year,
the kids would let me dress them matching,
we would have steak and potatoes at a restaurant!
(cause I'm a meat and potatoes kinda' gal)
Wow! I remember that!
For the past many years, including this year, one or two of the kids have played 
in a soccer tournament on Mother's Day weekend...
which still isn't bad for me -
relaxing on the sidelines, not doing laundry...
no problem!!

But, Mother's Day brings deeper conversations with our adopted children.
I want to use this day to show our kids that we respect their biological families,
especially their mothers.
And I hope this will help their hearts that need healing.

I decided to ask our little ones to begin a Mother's Day journal.
I am asking them to write a letter, 
 a poem,
a story,
or even draw a picture
for their biological moms. 
(Donovan is the only one who really knew his mother-
and his memory of her is fading.)

I know this will be harder for some of my kids then others,
but I think as the years go on -
they may appreciate re-reading the thoughts they have had.
At least I pray they do. 

For you other adoptive momma's...
do you do anything special to honor your children's birth momma
on Mother's Day?

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Anonymous said...

That's a great idea, Jodi and your kids will look back on all they've written some day and appreciate the fact that you had a heart big enough to include their birth mothers. After all, if it hadn't been for their great sacrifice, you wouldn't BE their Mom! Happy Mother's Day x 9 on Sunday! <3
Love, Faith


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