Thursday, May 16, 2013

Give A Way!!!

Just because we I love this devotional book,
and I'd love to share with someone!
if you would like to put your name in the hat for this 
devotional -

feel free to leave a comment here or 
on my fb 
or just email me
before Tuesday May 21st,

and I'll add your name and I'll put your name 
in the drawing!


Kim said...

Pick me. :)

Adrienne said...

First of all - this is beautiful! And any devotional series that focuses on Jesus is a blessing to me! Let's see if I win...if not, may still have to get me one!

Adrienne said...

First of all - That's beautiful! And any devotional centered around Jesus had got to be wonderful. Thanks for sharing this!

Kelly said...

I'd love it!

Sennie said...

I LOVE this devotional. If you pick me, I'll pass it on to whoever God prompts me to give it to:)

Us! said...

Hey Jodi,
This is the devotional that I'm giving for our high school graduation gifts! I just bought 15 of them today! YIKES! We love it at our house, and want to pass on the wonderful inspiration...Addison has the little kids versions and enjoys it as well!
Enjoy your weekend!
The Kainz Family!

Jolene said...

I've never seen this one...What a blessing to share with those who do not have one....

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE this devotional! Thank you for the chance!:)

I've been following along with your precious family for quite some time. I'm really enjoying watching your Treasures antics and them grow!

We adopted our Anna girl fron China in May of 2005. What a blessing she is to our family. God knew we needed her as much as she needed us!:)

Take Care,

Tena said...

Me! Me! Pick me!!

Dex and Mel said...

We would love to have it!!! Melanie and Dexter

Dex and Mel said...

We would love to have it!!! Melanie and Dexter

bugs parents said...

I'd love to have it! As you know, things can be stressful at times around here and hearing from God would be such an encouragement each day.
Love ya friend!

Sharon said...

This book was recommended for my daughter when she started Bible School (I think you know which one!) so that her Bible thoughts wouldn't just be about the facts from her classes.


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