Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sorry lady...

My apology to the lady at the store, 
who thought I 
should discipline my child 
her way.

I'm sorry lady that I didn't spank my son,
 like you thought I should.

I'm sorry that rather then yelling at him,
or even putting him in time-out,
I choose to pull him closer and hold him tight,
and speak softly to him,
as he was on the verge of running off screaming.

I am sorry lady, that you may never understand
why I work with my son this way. 
But, if you would like to chat about it rather
then scold me and tell me what I'm doing wrong -
I would love to educate you 
on why I do not parent my adopted child 
like you think I should
Though I sure your way is easier 
for the moment,
I don't believe it will benefit my son.
Yes, my children get time-out
and yes, they do get disciplined -
but believe me there is a time and place
especially with children with
very difficult beginnings.

I'm sure you meant well lady,
but please let me parent my child.

Thank you!


Yvette said...

Oh those stinking busy bodies.

TK said...

Oh, I had an old man in Walmart tell me I should take my daughter to the bathroom and spank her for her behavior while I was in line for the pharmacy. I got in to a heated argument with him that he shouldn't tell me to hit my child. It led to the pharmacy tech getting involved and me having all my prescriptions transfered to another pharmacy and never going back to that pharmacy again. People should not judge as they have no idea what are children have been through.


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