Friday, April 5, 2013

plain and simple...

We, as Christians, are called to care for the orphan. 

Tell me what are we afraid of? 
Let me know on my sidebar.

I am truly trying to learn what others are thinking -
please share.


Michelle said...

We have adopted twice, and still paying off our last adoption. We live in SD where salaries are low, very few homestudy agencies so those rates are high ( ranging from $3500 to $6000) and fundraising has been bleak- our church is small and most people here are struggling from the drought. If the cost of the process could be lowered, it would make a HUGE difference. We are as frugal as we can be: our newest car is a 1998, have no expensive hobbies, do "staycations" instead of traveling to save money, etc.. But, with one income and 6 kids still at home, it's hard to come up with $25000 just like that. I'm currently eying my IRA from when I used to teach school and cashing that in to adopt again, but man, they really penalize you for that as well. I'm sure we will come up with something!!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

We have adopted twice. Both are pretty big SN kids. We have used every resource we have to get our two home. Our area is not very supportive of adoptive families. We would do it again in a second if we had the money.

Carey Thomas said...

We had a foster child en route to adopt and he requested to go back to the orphanage where he grew up. Alas they fetched him back and said 'he never bonded with us anyways'. We are heartbroken and bewildered in the same breath, thus my "other" vote. My friend in the states - April - knows more of the story.
In South Africa, trying to find out His will.


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