Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flower child...

Who do you think is under these flowers?

Ohhh yes!

He can rock it can't he!

Momma's Boy 
Jailyn's bike helmet!

He grabbed it a few weeks ago and 
this is the only helmet he will wear now.
Tee! Hee!


Shonni said...

so cute...

Nancy said...

Real men wear flowers! and pink. and lavender. and emotions. He's delicious!
Thx for sharing,
nancy-of the crazy 9

Jay said...

Lance II?

Molly said...

Oh my goodness he looks adorable


Us! said...

Hey! I'm so excited I finally found your website, I've been searching forever, and then finally looked at our posting page and there it was! Your boys look so good and so happy! I'm looking forward to going back into your blog to check out your China pictures, but not tonight - it's late! Have a wonderful week!
Miss you, The Kainz Family :)


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