Monday, March 25, 2013

sleeping arrangements

Many people have asked us how we work bedtime
with so many little ones. 

Let's just say -
our, what we thought was once a large master bedroom,
is getting smaller and smaller! 

Presently we have Hagan and Griggs in our room,
we have a toddler bed for Hagan and 
a crib for Griggs. 

Both boys begin their slumber in our bed. 
They fall asleep fairly quickly in our bed as I lay with 
them holding their hands. 
Griggs always falls asleep quickly,
which gives Hagan and I some sweet one-on-one time,
until he falls asleep.

When we go to bed, 
we move the boys to their beds -
just cause, Mom and Dad need a few good hours of slumber.
Hagan is a good night time sleeper and 
has yet to wake during the night.
Griggs usually wakes up a few hours into my sleep and comes back
to our bed with us and sleeps soundly. 

They both seem pretty happy and safe with this plan,
so we will stick to it for a while. 

Then there are nights like a few nights ago,
Elijah was having a rough day with obedience,
so we decided that he needed some extra lovin' and 
needed to sleep in our room too - 
so out came the sleeping bag and blankets on the floor. 

Another night, Jailyn had an early gymnastics meet the next day -
so she slept on our floor as to not wake everyone in the house
with her early morning routine. 
Jailyn sees this a another something special for her
competition days.

Last week, 
Jailyn had a bad dream one night and came to bed with us,
and the next night 
Donovan decided to join us. 
So, really we play musical beds at night. 

(Jorja does not like to sleep anywhere but in her own bed -
so we rarely see her in our bed at night)

With all of our children, we have allowed them 
to come to our bed at night. 
And most definitely sleep on our floor when needed. 
But, especially our adopted kids -
night time is a scary time for most kids. 
For kids who have been alone in an orphanage 
night time is even more scary! 
I lay with my boys at night,
watching them fall asleep and wonder what is going on in their 
sweet, little heads. 

So there you have it - 
that's what we do. 
What do you do?

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Amy said...

Good to know we aren't the only ones that play musical beds almost every night!!


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