Saturday, March 9, 2013

2 days home...

We have been home for 2 days and we are doing well.

Bryan, I and the boy's plane landed in Dallas 
at 5am with my brother Jay waiting for us!

We spent a few hours hanging out with Jay,
and he got to see and play with the boys for a bit.
(Jay had come out to help us with the kids while we were in China -
best Uncle E.V.E.R.!) 

We got home to Brady, Elijah and Mimi (Jodi's mom)!
It was sooooo good to see these three 
and to be home!!!

Elijah enjoyed having some quiet time with his new brothers!

That afternoon, we (Hagan, Griggs and I) headed to the elementary school
to pick up Jorja, Donovan and Jailyn.
I was ready with my camera to get first photos of all 6 of the littles together.

Donovan met us...
Jorja met us...
with news....
"Jailyn just threw up at school."

Ohhhhh boy!
Welcome to the realities of mommyhood!

Poor Jailyn! 

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful  -
just being silly and getting to know each other.

Donovan has taken the role of Hagan's protector
Jailyn is Griggsy's little momma. 

The big kids are being great at letting mom and dad care for the 
boys and help us with the less fun "to do" things. 

We are having a great time hanging out together -
and will be working on getting the boys on a 
sleep schedule...
last night was not a good one. 


The Howards said...

Praying for a quick transition and good sleep! Enjoy your beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Pictures Please!


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